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Parent Involvement Committee-ANNGS  Feb 5, 2014


Values and Vision

This document is a statement of intent regarding the direction that the Al Nahda National Girls School will take from February 2014. The aim is to provide a long term vision for our school in order that it is best placed to meet the needs of the whole of the school community and the work of the school in all areas  tailored to meet these needs.

Core Values

Core values arise out of what we believe to be important about people, about society and about learning and knowledge. Our values inform and shape the school vision; how the school is organized; how people relate to each other in school and the content and processes of teaching and learning. 

At Al Nahda National Girls School the Parent Involvement Committee believes that:  

-- Every individual student is equally important; students of all abilities and backgrounds are provided with the opportunity to develop the skills, experiences and knowledge to achieve their potential and to prepare for their future lives.

-- This is a school where learning is experienced at a personal level because we know and understand all of our students. Students are encouraged in their learning to enquire, challenge and be creative in order that they can ‘be the best that they can be.

-- The school provides a safe, caring and enriching environment where all members of our community know and respect each other. Our students believe in themselves and contribute to the development of others, both in school and beyond.