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Founded in 1983, Al Nahda National School for Boys is a private English medium school located in Abu Dhabi offering both American and British Programs and catering for students from Grade 4 to Grade 12. There are currently 2,224 students enrolled (ages 10 to 19 years old). Al Nahda National School for Boys is under the jurisdiction of the Abu Dhabi Department of Education and Knowledge (ADEK) and the UAE Ministry of Education. The Boys’ School campus is divided into three sections: the Primary Division (Grade 4 - Grade 6), the Middle Division (Grades 7-9), and the Secondary Division (Grades 10-12). The school is proud of the accreditations it has achieved globally and furthermore has been judged a Good school being placed in the elite ‘A’ band of schools in Abu Dhabi.

Principal's Message

Principal's Message

Dear Parents, Students and Visitors, I want to welcome you to our school’s website and I hope you get to see the wonderful things that the students of Al Nahda National School for Boys get to experience every day. As the Principal of such a revered and important school in the amazing city of Abu Dhabi, I am keen to make the leaning journey of our students the best it can be. We want to continue to provide the future leaders of this great country, both politically and economically. Our alumni count many of the country’s top governmental officials, CEO’s of the biggest companies and many more people spread around the world in positions of high importance and influence.

Al Nahda Boys School is accredited by both the Council for Independent Schools and New England Association of Schools and Colleges. These 2 boards give accreditation to schools worldwide so that any future employer or University can be confident that the school has provided a first class education to their students. Combine these accreditations with the ADEK inspection, which grades the school as a good school in the top band; Band A, you as parents and students can be assured of the quality of education we provide and know the boys of Al Nahda are secure in their education. Not only is Al Nahda a fantastic educational establishment, but it is one that goes the extra mile for the students we care for. We have excellent sports teams, robotics clubs, debating teams and so many more extra-curricular, fun clubs for the boys to apply their learning and improve their sociable skills. Our social and wellbeing team ensure that the students are happy and our activities coordinators plan many educational and exciting visits. Everyone comes together as the family of Al Nahda to make the boys time in the school academic and fun so they turn into Global Citizens that can make their mark on our world in the right way. We follow the guidance of the Islamic faith to ensure our community understands how we can live together as many nationalities, cultures and people, but as one united body.

Every day it is a privilege to see our students (in school or online) achieving more and more. To be a part of supporting their growth and development can never be taken for granted and the staff of Al Nahda takes their responsibilities to heart. However we are more than just a school, we are a community of students, staff, governors and parents and our events such as National Day, Cultural Evenings and many more bring our school family together. We love to have a strong bond with the parents of our students so we work as one for their sons. We hope all our families continue to feel a part of the school during these difficult pandemic times and encourage their friends and relatives to make an impact in the world by allowing their sons to join us at Al Nahda.

Al Nahda is a truly incredible place to be a part of. If you are not convinced look on our social media pages, in particular Instagram @ans.abudhabi where you will get to see more of how our school smiles and works as one body!

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Meet the Team

Andrew James Smyllie

Andrew James Smyllie


Deputy Director - Boys School

Ahlam Abou Radi

Vice Principal

Primary Team

Academic Adviser

Bilal G. El-Hussein

Academic Adviser

Head of Section

Imad Jebaiti

Head of Section

Middle School Team

Academic Adviser

Majed Kaddoura

Academic Adviser

Head of Section

Mohamed Hussam Eldein Al Farra

Head of Section

Head of Section

Mounir Saleh Yassine

Head of Section

High School Team

Academic Adviser

Bassam Al Hafiz

Academic Adviser

Head of Section

Mohamed Ramadan Abdulla Salaman El Bayouk

Head of Section

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